PyCaret Official
Frequently Asked Questions!
PyCaret 3.0-rc is now available. pip install --pre pycaret to try it. Check out this example Notebook.
Why PyCaret?
Does PyCaret work with all OS and Python versions?
Can I use PyCaret on Google Colab or Kaggle Notebooks?
Does PyCaret support model training on GPU?
Can I use PyCaret for distributed training on cluster like Spark, Dask, Ray, etc.?
How can I contribute to PyCaret?
How can I support PyCaret If I can't code?
Does PyCaret support Deep Learning or Reinforcement Learning?
Can I integrate PyCaret with BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, etc.?
Does PyCaret gurantee end-to-end experiment reproducibility?
Can I run PyCaret on command line or any other environment than Notebook?
How can I bypass the user confirmation for data types when I run the setup function?
How can I change verbosity in PyCaret?
Sometimes logs get printed on my screen as the code is running. Can I silent the logger?
I am having issues in installating PyCaret, what can I do?
Can I add my own custom models in PyCaret?
Can I add custom metrics for cross-validation in PyCaret?
Can I just use PyCaret for data preprocessing?
Can I export models from PyCaret and work on them outside of PyCaret?
Why is there no object-oriented API for PyCaret? Will there ever be?
Can I deploy ML pipelines on cloud using PyCaret?
Can I use models trained using PyCaret for inference without installing PyCaret?
I ran the setup function and it is stucked, what should I do?
Can I install and run PyCaret on Apply M1 Macbook?
Do I need a powerful computer to use PyCaret?
Why is my pull request not getting any attention?
Is PyCaret comparable to scikit-learn and ML libraries and framework?
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